Kim Woods 8/13/17 Discussion

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Designing with Technologies”  Please respond to the following: Create your own visual depiction of the ASSURE model using Word, MS Paint, or a similar tool. Next, create and post a video that includes your ASSURE image and provide an explanation as to why you recommend the ASSURE model. Your video should not be longer than two (2) minutes. Use the Internet or Strayer database to research computer-aided design (CAD) programs. Next, identify the context in which an instructor would use a CAD program to help create an understanding certain concepts. “Using Cross Platform Applications for Collaborative Writing”  Please respond to the following: Go to Evernote’s Website, located at, and explore its features. Choose three (3) specific tools within Evernote that you believe instructors could use to support students’ writing efforts and determine the major positive and negative features of each tool.

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