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It should be two pages double-spaced in length. Please do not think of it as an informal “reaction,” as if you were giving some knee-jerk response to something that someone else wrote. The purpose of a discussion note is to get inside the author’s project and then analyze, as fairly and thoroughly as possible, the author’s position and arguments. The ideal tone is careful and fair-minded but simultaneously analytical; go for the heart of the matter rather than pick nits. It is anticipated that everyone’s discussion notes will get better over the course of the semester/quarter. These short papers should be interesting and engaging and should explore one idea (but possibly more) from the readings in detail. A good way to think about these assignments is to imagine yourself as a book or article review writer, addressing both a broad intellectual audience as well as a Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies audience. If you disagree with an author’s methods or conclusions, then explain why and give an alternative argument (and source) that explains your point. Try to be as thorough, precise, and as specific as possible. *Note these write-ups can be the basis for academic book reviews for journals. Also make sure you quote and cite page number to prove your argument. Do not use other books.

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