lab report for Introduction to lab equipment and simple logic

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Lab Report: Lab reports should be written as a team. Only one report is required per group and scores are shared between partners. Your report should include analysis and answer any questions that are directly asked in the instructions. You will also need to attach all data generated from your experiment to your lab report. You must write a report explaining exactly what you did in the lab and the results of your experiment. Your report should include:

  • ● Introduction – What is the purpose of the lab?
  • ● Procedures – Bullet pointed procedures briefly explaining the steps you took as you executed your experiment.
  • ● Analysis – This includes data, circuit diagrams, printouts, and answers to questions from lab, and also includes a description of your results.
  • ● Conclusion – In general, discuss what concepts/principles the experiment(s) utilized and anything that needs further discussion.

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