Lack of Enrichment programs for children in underserved communities

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Lack of Enrichment programs for children in underserved communities 

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Instructions: Ten page paper, APA citation. For your final presentation and paper, conduct an in-depth study of a problem (fact-finding) that affects a specific community and prepare an advocacy/ Lobby plan. Refer to Shepard’s Community Projects. 1) The issues/problem: Gather facts on a specific issue that affects a community. Your group will research the history of the problem, its incidence, and its prevalence. Use reliable sources. 2) The need community: Gather facts on the need/benefit community. You will engage in extensive fact-finding about this community. Learn as much as possible about this community to understand its strengths, needs and wants. 3) What is in place now to solve the problem? Who is doing/has done what to address the problem? Answer these questions and it will help you identify the target for change. What is the general public opinion about the problem? Check public opinion polls. What laws (local, state, federal) are in place now to address the problem? Are there any pending bills to address the problem? If so, who is the sponsor of the bill? What is the current status of the bill? Are there any legislative committees responsible for this problem? What government agencies, advocacy organizations, community groups, or agencies exist now to address the problem? What have they’ve done or are doing now to address the problem? Are they any other individuals, groups, or organizations doing something about the problem? A. The target for change: Use your research (answers to questions 1-3) to identify the target for change. What or who needs to change? An organization? A social welfare agency? A law? A procedure? A specific individual or group? Keep in mind that you should identify a specific policy objective. 4) Strategies and Tactics: Prepare your Advocacy plan Describe the tactics and strategies you will use to achieve the policy objective. What kind of campaign will you run and why? For example, is this an electoral campaign or a direct-action campaign and why? Explain your rationale for your strategies and tactics. Are you confident that by choosing these strategies your group will garner the power necessary to achieve your policy objective? 5) Implementation: Taking action Describe the steps you have taken to implement your advocacy/lobby plan. Note, this is not theoretical. Only write what you have actually done to achieve this plan. List the resources needed to implement each strategy and tactic you selected. What obstacles did you face? Describe your use of media and community experience. 6) Getting the word out: What media did you see to make your efforts known to stakeholders and generate support for your cause? 7) Powerpoint class presentation of the group’s research and advocacy/lobby plan.

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