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 Upon completion of this chapter, we will have covered all of the language universals. In 900 words or less, define each of the language universals (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) and describe its relationship to linguistic form, content, and function. Citations and references are required on this assignment. Book: Language Files Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics, 12th Edition Written Response Instructions Note: Your response on this assignment will be scored based on the following criteria: (1) Content: Focus, organization, facts, supporting details, and APA citation. Note: Use your own words to paraphrase the author’s ideas without using “direct quotes” or copying word for word from any source. Referencing the textbook requires a citation and reference. (2) Form: Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and APA formatting (6th Edition) for in-text citations and references (if applicable). (3) Synthesis: Overall understanding and/or analysis of the concept related to the assignment. NOTE: You can contact me for book access information

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