Leadership Effect Organization Improvement

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Leadership Effect Organization Improvement

How the leadership effect organization Improvement Hello, I replaced this order to do my final graduation (Y4 university) dissertation, 10,000 words (10% +/-) (need around 7-10 references for 1000 words), I choose premium level of writing, but the important also I need it simple words/vocabulary. This dissertation should be submitted on March/April 2020, but the university asked us to work from know because we have to see the supervisor from time to time for reviewing and do any changes if needed. The dissertation will be in two parts: 1. Proposal: will be around 2500 words or more, and some slides for the Poster, this should be submit before end of November. 2. Dissertation: will be the rest to 10,000 words, this will start with begging of Jan 2020. The references in all proposal and dissertation should be 60 in total (proposal 20-25 and the dissertation the rest.) I will attach a document (QB4503 course handbook 2019-20 final) it has all information needed, also it contain the Dissertation structure from Page 8. Also will attached an example of the dissertations done from another students and many PowerPoints to have any information you need. After the writer finish the papers I will approve it immediately because the real review/revision will be at the second semester, at the second semester if the supervisor ask me for any changed I will place a new order and choose same writer (IMPORTANT message for the writer – please keep the documents with you because I will place a NEW order between Jan-April 2020 for revision and to complete the dissertation and I will choose you) What I need from this first order beside the 2500+ words a document we call it (Poster) this poster should contain (Introduction and Methodology, Date Analysis, Result, Conclusion) this Poster should me submit it by end of November 2019 with the Proposal. Have a look online at examples of posters for conferences. That should give you a good indication of what’s required. The following YouTube video is for a scientific rather than business poster, but I would say the same rules apply https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwMFhyH7_5g&app=desktop Finally, I need the writer to do a separate document for me (How he do this Poster and Dissertation, because I need to read it before I go to the supervisor for revision, to be ready to answer question) “no problem I will pay for extra pages if necessary”. Now, I need the writer choose THE RESEARCH QUESTION which will be answered in the dissertation conclusion. The research question I have to get the supervisor approval before start write.

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