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Write a response paper in which you give your Leadership/Vision statement (which you practiced in the Discussions) and then discuss how you decided on your statement.  You can choose a brief statement (15 words) or develop your own mission, purpose, or value statement that best suits your leadership needs and aspirations.

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Try and mimic slogans if you need brevity: We Try Harder, or Just Do It. Most of all, work to nail down a purpose that shows how you want to be a force for good in society. No one wants to be a super villain; explore the good you want to create. 

In your paper be sure to provide a clear linkage to the concepts from the reading and at least the following learning objective: (LO3) Begin to apply the rhetorical tools of leadership in various situations and across various media.

Your paper should be one to two pages double-spaced and include a centered title. Any sources used should be properly cited in APA format.

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