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 A literature review is a coherent review of the available empirical literature on a particular topic.The purpose of the literature review is to evaluate what others have discovered on a topic in order to ground future research ideas in a context of what is already known about a subject. In this assignment you will: (1) identify a topic area of interest, (2) learn how to search and locateempiricalliterature (e.g. peer reviewed journal articles) using library and internet resources; (3) analyze information found in identified journal articles, and (4) synthesize theknowledge into a written literature review summary. A literature review matrixis essentially a table that is used to compare and contrast differences between research studies (derived from peer-reviewed journal article). For this assignment, each studentwill choose a social work research topic with ~2 or 3 concepts. This research topic should clearly identify 1) a problem & 2) a population. Please note:Your research topic must include a focus on an applicable intervention. Your research topic should have relevance to social work practice. Your research topic should be a social or public health issue/concern. Your research area should lead to new questions you can study ethically and practically.Your research topic should be the same topic as your final research abstract presentation ,although it does not have to be.This assignment will allow you to take the evidence found through this literature review and create a research abstract presentation that is grounded in empirical evidence. This Literature Review can be used to help guide your Introduction and Background section of your final abstract presentation. Assignment Instructions:1.Identify asocial work research topic with ~2-3 concepts.a.Formulate additional search termsto encompass any literature that might pertain to your concepts.b.Make use of Boolean operators in your search terms. (Use AND if you want to narrow your search; use OR if you want to broaden yoursearch. Please review the following source from MIT if you need clarification regarding Boolean operators: submit your final search terms/string. 2.Conduct a search of relevant data available.a.Determine search criteria for extraction of relevant articles.i.Inclusion and exclusion criteria should include delineation of population characteristics [age, ethnicity, location?], date of publication, methodology, level of intervention and other attributes that are chosen.ii.Be clear about your criteria and document them. iii.Document what database(s) you utilize.b.Go to the library to search for and locate journals that include your topic’s informationand inclusion/ exclusion criteria.i.Sources:Use the online research guidesfor Social Work Research1.Social Work Guide: and Tricks for Health Sciences Databases: your research:a.Keep track of your search from the start.b.Read the abstract of the articles you find.c.Skim the articles to determine if they correspond well with your review purpose.d.Select 2 journal articles that meet your review requirements.i.Ensure that the article is really on your topic.ii.You must select 2 articles from the past 10 years. iii.Once you choose your two articles that meet your search inclusion and exclusion criteria, then, … 4.Assess the quality of the data by reporting:a.Read your articlesin entiretyand review them with a critical eye.b.On the matrix, you will providethe followinginformation for each of the two studiesincluding:i.Author/yearii.Theoretical/ conceptual frameworkiii.Purpose of the study –Research aimsiv.Setting/ locationv.Sample –include descriptions on age, race/ethnicity, gender, design/ methodology–quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, randomized controlled trial?

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