long-term debt financing

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At year-end 2018, total assets for Arrington Inc. were $1.8 million and accounts payable were $450,000. Sales, which in 2018 were $3.0 million, are expected to increase by 25% in 2019. Total assets and accounts payable are proportional to sales, and that relationship will be maintained; that is, they will grow at the same rate as sales. Arrington typically uses no current liabilities other than accounts payable. Common stock amounted to $500,000 in 2018, and retained earnings were $475,000. Arrington plans to sell new common stock in the amount of $130,000. The firm’s profit margin on sales is 5%; 35% of earnings will be retained.

a. What were Arrington’s total liabilities in 2018?

b. How much new long-term debt financing will be needed in 2019? (Hint: AFN 2 New stock 5 New long-term debt.)

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