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Choosing a Curriculum Model Whether curriculum developers are fully aware or not, the education philosophy, learning theory, societal needs, and history of curriculum will influence the type of curriculum model used and curriculum goals and objectives produced. It is essential that a curriculum developer understand the relationship of these factors to the models available and to the structure of curriculum goals and objectives. There are two basic types of models for curriculum development, the technical-scientific models and the nontechnical-nonscientific models. Discuss the various models in each category and evaluate how they are influenced by educational philosophy, learning theory, societal needs, and history. Your paper should be in Microsoft Word format. Remember to follow the current edition of APA format. Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 point font. It should not exceed five pages and should include an additional page that lists your references. By the due date assigned, post your project proposal in the Submissions Area for review and critique. Every module, your assignment should be submitted using proper APA format. A cover page will not be required. However, the first page of the assignment should include a title and proper headings for sections of your response. In-text citations should follow APA guidelines, and you should include a Reference list as a separate page with entries that match in-text citations. You may include an Appendix if you have additional information (e.g., assessment instruments, tables/figures, other supporting documentation). Books we are using Ornstein, A. C., Hunkins, F. P. (2013). Curriculum: Foundations, Principles, and Issues, 6th Edition. Chapter 7 Ornstein, A. C., Pajak, E. G., Ornstein, S. B. (2015). Contemporary Issues in Curriculum, 6th Edition. Chapter 2 Wiles, J. W., Bondi, J. C. (2015). Curriculum Development: A Guide to Practice, 9th Edition Chapter 1 and 5

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