Magazine Writing and analysis

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Magazine Writing (1000 words) + Analysis (500 words). For this task, you are required to write a 1000 word article that introduces an academic research topic for a popular magazine. You will be given a choice of recent academic articles for your topic, however, you are required to choose an appropriate magazine. In addition to the article, you are required to write a 500 word analysis explaining your choice of magazine, its target audience, and the key features of its style. This section will require Harvard referencing and a list of references that were used in the preparation of the two tasks. The aim is to present the findings of the academic article in a way that can be understood by a non-specialist reader. You cannot simply summarize the article, for it has to be rewritten in a way that will engage your chosen magazine’s readership. Frame the research in terms of topics and issues of interest to the prospective readers. The writing (paraphrasing, referencing and style) should also suit the magazine. As with most popular magazines, you will not use many direct quotes, but if you do, quotation marks are required. In writing the task, make sure that you focus on the following aspects: The prose and structure should reflect the purpose of each component of the task. The writing should properly address the intended audience. The style must accurately represent the style of the magazine, by using an appropriate register and following the general principles of concision, accuracy and clarity. The document should display technical accuracy in all aspects of writing: grammar, syntax, spelling, and capitalisation.

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