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I’m trying to learn for my Powerpoint class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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You will create an “Ignite” style speech; it s recommended (but not required) that you relate to the subject matter featured in your personal statement or your website. This speech does not, nor should not cover every aspect of your subject. Instead, focus on one element/idea/aspect that you can discuss and effectively present in 5 minutes.

Think creatively about your subject. Your topic should about this web

Please be specific, focus on one things. Like you talk about Endangered Animals, focus on ONE.

You talk about conservation of biodiversity from an economic perspective. Topics like valuing biodiversity, defining successful conservation, and evaluating the cost effectiveness of policies such as conservation payments, ecotourism, and privatization. Emphasis on forests, coral reefs, elephants, tigers, and sea turtles. Do more research and choose a specific animal and country.

Explain it clearly. Your classmates and section leader should learn something worth sharing from your presentation. Create a rough script to help you prepare for you presentation. Do NOT ad lib your talk. Practice speaking, and employ public speaking devices to highlight key points (varying volume, rhythm, etc…). Use the slides to help you organize a clear introduction, multiple points that structure your argument/presentation, and a conclusion that encourages your audience to learn or do more. One of the best tactics is to state your thesis as early in the talk as humanly possible. You really shouldn’t spend more than a minute explaining the background before you make your first point. Be prepared to answer questions at the end of your presentation.

Your speech needs to contain the following elements:

1. 20 slides

2. Automatic slide advancement set to 15 seconds each. You will receive an automatic deduction for failing to do this before class (e.g A to A-, A- to B+, etc.).

3. Effective use of images, charts and graphs. Only use audio or video clips if you have rehearsed their timing and loading (they can cause major timing problems).

4. Create a script of each slides to help you prepare for you presentation. What should you say about each slides. In 15 SECONDS.

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