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A. Speech Outline. Take the outline you made for Essay 3.1 and revise that to make a formal outline for your oral presentation. Click here for a sample informative speech outline. (Links to an external site.) When you make an outline for a presentation, you should consider your audience and your purpose. Create a general and specific purpose statement. Then create an outline based on the Five-Finger Model (hook, introduction, body, conclusion, and residual message). Start strong. Start with a hook.

Imagine scenario
Disproving a myth
Again, it’s important to start strong. Don’t say, “My topic is…” Your hook goes first. While you are doing an informative speech, not a persuasive one, the following video is a good example of a speaker combining a number of these strategies. Notice how she returns to her hook at the end.
In the introduction, you should transition to your thesis and provide a preview where you forecast organization, going over the specific points you will talk about. When you write a paper, I say, “Don’t announce.” For example, don’t say, “I will talk about…” For a speech, however, you can do this. You tell them what you’re going to talk abou in the intro. Then you talk about it in the body. Then you tell them what you talked about in the conclusion. The following video provides a good example of a strong thesis and preview.After your introduction, use a transitional phrase to get to your body. Transitions are important when you speak, so the audience can follow what you’re saying. In the body, consider how you are going to arrange your main points. Decide what kind of organization method you want to use. Provide specific examples. You should cite your sources orally. Notice, for instance, how the speaker in first video integrates a variety of sources and signposts and uses transitions to signal changes.



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