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This assignment requires you to write a reading report on Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, by Barbara Demick. First of all, you shall summarize the stories covered in the book, including the major characters and their experiences in one paragraph. Second, please use specific materials from the book to analyze the mechanism of social control in North Korea. Is there any resistance from the ordinary people? If so, how does it work? Third, what was most surprising to you in the book? Imagine that you are one of the characters, what would be the biggest challenge for you to live in North Korea? Are you going to make the same or different decisions like your chosen character did? Please explain why? Format: The report shall be three pages in length, double-space, 12 point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins and shall include page numbers. This report shall contain an introduction and a conclusion paragraph. You may use your summary of the book as your introduction paragraph. On citation, since you are not expected to use sources other than Nothing to Envy, it is fine to NOT include the full name of the author, book title or publisher in your citations. Page number alone is fine. For example: “……”(p.106) Note: A good quotation from the book shall be relevant and brief, which usually does not exceed four sentences. Or else, it might impact your writing style negatively. Grading Criteria: 1. Persuasiveness of your thesis (4 points) 2. Accuracy and depth of your interpretation of the sources (4 points) 3. Dimension of sources (4 points) 4. Format and writing style (3 points)

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