Management consulting

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Management consulting (HR) questions:

1, What is the latest challenge or innovation in HR practices across the country?

A. Hiring people

B. Training leaders

C. Building incentive compensation

D, All of the above

2, What are the six categories that informed HR professionals should organize and prioritize when discussing their business?

A. Society, Technology, Economics, Politics, Environment and Demographics

B. Business, technology, Politics, Economics, Demographics and Environment

C. Politics, Demographics, Terminology, Economics, Environment and Technology

D, Socialization, Technology, Sustainability, Economics, Demographics, and Reliability

3, As an HR professional, what are the six stakeholders that are common to most businesses?

A. Communities and regulators, Partners, Line managers, Employees, Customers and Stakeholders

B. Investors, Customers, Employees, Line managers, Partners and Communities and regulators

C. Union employees, Customers, Administrators, Lineworkers, Customers and Investors.

D, Maintenance, Social responsibility, Regulatory oversight, Target, Commitment and Contribution

4, In the six paradoxes facing HR professionals, they will spend time with customers, investors, and community leaders turning those experiences into HR……………

A. Innovations

B. Sustainability

C. Problems

D. Insights



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