Managing information systems in organizations has transformed patient care during COVID-19 in many ways

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Respond to post on whether you agree or disagree. Managing information systems in organizations has transformed patient care during COVID-19 in many ways, including the rapid increase in e-visits and telemedicine. To limit the interactions of patients who may have COVID, most physicians started using telehealth to care for their patients who didn’t require hospitalization. While this wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago or so, the ubiquity of smartphones and other technology makes connecting with your doctor virtually a very convenient option.

We were able to have a virtual appointment with our pediatrician for our daughter, who had a cough, while on vacation in New Jersey. We called the office, scheduled the appointment, and took a link at the set time. We had given her pediatrician primary information on her condition and contact information for the local pharmacy, and by the end of the visit, he had called in a prescription for her. He interacted with us over video and asked her in real-time how she felt and hear her voice and cough.

While many companies are currently using the Internet of Things, AI, and blockchain technology, with the explosive growth of IS in health systems as a result of the pandemic, organizations will have to research how best to integrate big data between the health care providers, patients, and government entities (Wenzhou, Wu, and Zuopeng, 2020)


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