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Margaret is a 75-year-old woman living in an aged care facility for residents with low-care needs. Margaret had polio as a young child and has one shortened leg requiring a built-up shoe. She also now has arthritis in her hands, back, hips and knees, which is making movement, transfers and balance difficult and painful. Margaret also has emphysema and requires oxygen via nasal tubes, medication via a nebuliser, tablets for her arthritis and she receives injections.
Following is a list of supports outlined on Margaret’s care plan.
Margaret can sit on a shower chair and independently wash the top half of her body, including genital area. She requires assistance to wash feet, legs and hair.
Margaret must be supervised and may need direction when stepping in and out of shower and transferring in and out of the shower chair.
She needs full assistance with drying herself, as she becomes breathless.
Margaret needs assistance with dressing and undressing as she has difficulty moving and becomes breathless with exertion. She must have a built-up shoe on her left foot.
Margaret likes to direct her own grooming and can do her make-up independently. She needs assistance with drying and styling her hair.
Nail care:
Margaret needs regular monitoring and treatment for ingrown toenails and corns. She takes care of her fingernails independently.
Oral hygiene:
Margaret has upper dentures and requires assistance to clean these and to open lids of cleaning fluid and containers.
Margaret uses a four-wheeled walker at all times
Margaret requires direction to use handrails and chair arms, to transfer in and out of chairs.
Margaret can use the toilet independently but wears incontinence padding due to difficulty getting to the bathroom in time, which results occasional leakage.
Eating and drinking:
Margaret has all meals in the facility dining room. She requires modified large-handled cutlery due to arthritis in hands.
CS Question 17
What equipment and aids are required for the provision of Margaret’s personal support?

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