Market Analysis – Opportunity Assessment Plan

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You Must Read The Instructions*** You will be completing the Market Analysis for a Dessert Delivery Business called “DelishNet”. We want to think of “DelishNet” as the “Blue Apron for Desserts”. It will include desserts for all diets (vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, keto, and non-vegetarian). Talk about the significance of having options. YOU MUST BACK THIS UP WITH REAL DATA. YOU MUST USE MARKET RESEARCH DATA. In the market analysis, you must answer: (1) What is the problem being solved? (market analysis) (2) Is it significant and wide spread? (3) Market need (4) Market size (including total industry sales) (5) Target Market (6) Future growth of this market (7) Customer profile. (8) Business Model and Initial Customers A sample opportunity assessment is attached to give you an idea of the depth of the detail that you MUST include. If you have no experience with this type writing, do not accept the order, as I will request a new writer.

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