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Questions:1.     What is Marketing?

2.     Think about the things you should do before after

and/or deciding to produce/import/franchise etc. a new car brand in the Uzbek market?

3.      What is a Marketing Mix? Explain a Marketing Mix of Black Star Car Wash in Tashkent

4.     Explain the Discrepancy of Assortment between producers & customers

5.     What is Marketing Concept about? Is it applicable in nonprofit organizations? If yes, how do nonprofit organizations measure “profit”?

6.     Who are mass marketers?

7.     Please, identify channels of distribution of the following companies: Unilever, Nike, Sephora

8.     What is mass-selling? And, what are the main forms of mass selling?

9.     What are the three components of a Customer Equity Approach?

10.     What are the latest trends within the legal environment across the world?


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