Marketing Plan for business plan

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I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

I need to cover the topics below for the marketing plan of the business that you have previously helped me with.

Keep in mind that our clients will be those that rent space from us but this also affects our secondary customers which are the ones that will pay our clients and will use our studio. Our business is to have trainers rent from us by offering fitness activities that their customers are willing to pay for. There is a boom in spinning and yoga. Also, those that want one on one training. Keep these things in mind when researching.

Search the following:

Market size and trends

  • Discuss the size of the market (include table/chart to show data):
    • Is it growing, shrinking, seasonal, etc.?


  • Explain how you will get the product/service to the customers.
  • Will customers come to you or will you go to your customers

Clients will use our facility throughout the month to render their services to their clients.

    • Will you hire sales representative, etc. include any other pertinent information about your distribution process
    • Service Providers Analysis (Who are the competition and buying patterns)
    • OR Alternatives and Usage Patterns (Who are the competition and buying patterns)
        • Strategy and implementation Summary

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