Marketing Plan Project

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  • Marketing Plan Project

Tom Peters of Fast Company once wrote an article entitled The Brand Called You that described how we all build and manage our own personal brands through the years. As a student in an entry-level marketing course, it is time to start thinking about the brand that you are building for yourself. How will your brand match up with what employers are looking to hire when you are done? What characteristics make your brand stand out from another person’s brand?

Your final project in this course is to develop a personal marketing plan for your brand (you) that will cover the following areas:

Deliverable #1: The Paper

You will be compiling all three parts of your marketing plan into a final paper and presentation to be given at the end of the semester:

  • At least 8 full pages (not including the bibliography) and no more than 15 full pages.
  • Must include an introduction (executive summary), a section for each of the parts (1 through 3), conclusion/closing remarks, and a bibliography.
  • Minimum 12 pt. font with 1.5 spacing throughout the paper.
  • Margins – 1 inch top, bottom, right & left.
  • Your name (1 inch down from the top of the paper)
  • Title centered
  • Second and sub sequential pages – your last name and page number in the heading’s upper right corner
  • The bibliography of references should be done in MLA document. You can use this website to help convert your resources into the proper MLA format (

Part 1: Situation Analysis –

  • Internal assessment (Relevant interests, abilities, education, experience, personality, desired job environment, personal goals, strengths and weaknesses)
  • External analysis (Cultural, political, economic, social, and/or technological trends that have an impact on you or your career goals)
  • Competitive analysis (What makes them different? Same? What opportunities and threats do you see based on others that desire the same career?
  • Market analysis – What potential market segments (i.e. healthcare, sports, etc.) match your brand? How do you fit seamlessly into these areas?

Part 2: Focus & Goal Setting –

  • Objectives (What are your plans for the future? Where do you want to be? Make them specific)
  • Target Market (What types of people and businesses are you targeting? What demographic, geographic, behavioristic, and psychographic information supports your target market?)

Part 3: Marketing Mix (4 P’s) –

  • Product – Do you recognize how you can satisfy the needs and wants of your target market? Match up your product attributes to those needs.
  • Price – What is your desired salary package (salary plus other compensation) that you believe is appropriate for your brand?
  • Place – What channels are you going to use to reach your target market?
  • Promotion – How will you use the promotional mix to generate awareness, interest, desire, and action from your target market?

Deliverable #2: The Presentation (Classroom Version)

Your final presentation should be in PowerPoint format and should effectively cover all three sections. Your final presentation should be a summary of the material contained in your Marketing Plan.Keep in mind that your objective is to sell the yourself as a brand.Try to be as innovative as you can in effectively delivering the message and differentiating yourself from your competition.

Each student will present their marketing plan online during their assigned presentation day during the last week of class.The presentation should not be longer than 10 minutes.It can either be in a prerecorded video or you may reach out to the instructor to schedule a live presentation.

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