Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behavior and explain about the productivity, proactivity reinvention with an industry example

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Using your textbook, the Internet and other available sources research about some successful companies and provide with some examples from developed and some developing countries to compare.

Prepare a five-page report that describes a marketing strategy and consumer behavior and explains about the productivity, proactivity reinvention. On your paper you have to cover the following questions:

How companies can produce new and better products into the market?

How and why do you think products acquire meaning to consumers?

Can you see any potential negative consequences to marketing attempts to encourage purchases of products consumers do not need?

Do marketers create needs?

This paper needs to include how useful is your analysis is in terms of helping you understand productivity, proactivity reinvention as part of marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

Provide references for content when necessary. Support your statements with peer-reviewed in-text citation(s) and reference(s).

Develop and write a 5 page APA 6th ed. Formatted paper:

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