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1.Was Meals on Wheels properly scaled during its growth? (10 points).a.Start by defining the term ‘scaling’ as it applies to organizationsb.Identify 2 things that the management team could have done differently in order to effectively scale the organization more successfully?2.In looking at the management team, propose an organization chart for Meals on Wheels based onitsneedsas you perceivethem. Who, if any, of the existing managementteam wouldfill these roles based on the biographies provided, and why? Are there any necessary positions that cannot be filled with the existing team? (10 points). 3.The organization does not appear to have a succession plan. Why are succession plans important? Identify 3 developmental opportunities that would be required for someone to ascend to executiveleadership within Meals on Wheels? (10 points).4.Identify a minimum of 4 HR functional areas andtheir processesthat could be improved within Meals on Wheels. Be sure to explain whyyou chose them. (20 points).5.What, if anything, was wrong with the communicationin leadership change? What would you do differently? (10 points).

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