measure and reliability table

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The following items are designed to check the manipulation of x1 (price deal) and x2 (price). Run factor analysis for the items together and create a measure and reliability table. Make sure the table is based on a clear factor pattern.

· x1MC1 I feel I am getting a good deal.

· x1MC2 The brand is on great sale.

· x1MC3 The final price of the brand is now much cheaper than the regular price.

· x1MC4 The final price makes me save a lot, compared to the regular price.

· x2MC1 The final price (the price you have to pay) is expensive.

· x2MC2 The final price is low. (R)

· x2MC3 The final price is high.

(30 points) Create two composite variables (x1MC and x2MC) based on the factor analysis above. Then, test if the manipulation is successful for x1 and x2 and discuss the result. WRITE A THESIS 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE Critical Essay- 100% Guarantee

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