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Assignment 3 Medicaid Memo In a 2-page memo (SINGLE-spaced), answer the following questions related to Medicaid and the Medicaid work requirement. Cite any additional sources used. • Section 1: Summary of Medicaid o Who is covered? What services are covered? What happened to Medicaid post-ACA? What type of policy is Medicaid? • Section 2: Summary of Medicaid Work Requirement o Review the following sources (feel free to review any other reliable resources as well)    o Describe the Medicaid work requirement. What problem is this policy trying to solve? Who is impacted by this work requirement? Why was this work requirement introduced? What are some of the viewpoints of this work requirement? How will this work requirement impact the Medicaid population? How will the outcomes of this work requirement be measured? • Section 3: States opting in Medicaid Work Requirement o How has the Medicaid Work Requirement been viewed at the State and local level? What do different policy participants/stakeholders think about this proposal. How many states have opted in? What does the Medicaid work requirement look like in Michigan? • Section 4: Take a policy position o How do you feel about the Medicaid work requirement? Identify the pros and cons of this and then take a position on how you feel about the policy. Are there alternatives to solving the problem identified? If so, describe them. What roadblocks might policymakers and stakeholders run into with introducing this legislation? DO NOT USE ANY WORK PREVIOUSLY USED MAKE SURE TO ADD A CITATION PAGE 2 PAGES SINGLE SPACED THIS IS A MEMO NOT AN ESSAY. IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO WRITE A MEMO ASK ME! MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SOURCES GIVEN AND ANY ADDITIONAL IF NEEDED CAN BE USED.

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