Medical application analysis on its usage and credibility

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This is an assignment that focuses on a medical application analysis on its usage and credibility. Additionally, the assignment answers some of the appraisal questions available.

Medical application analysis on its usage and credibility

PART 1: The medical application selection for this assignment is contingent upon the month of your birthday. Use the table below to identify the Medical App for this assignment. Table attached

Firstly, use the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple iTunes App Store for Apple devices to search for the medical application as determined by the table above.
o   In order to complete the following guided appraisal, download the app to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The apps are free and also does not require purchase to complete this assignment.
o   Secondly, provide proof of download by attaching a screenshot of the device screen in JPEG or PDF format to the assignment upload tab (in addition to submitting this assignment). However, following the general instructions below for smartphone devices (specific device instructions may vary):

Any Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or later can easily take a screenshot. Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together until the screen flashes and you hear the shutter sound. Consequently, the screenshot image will appear in your Gallery app, usually inside the Screenshots folder
§  iPhone
§  The method for taking a screenshot in iOS has been the same since version 2.0. Hold the Power (Sleep/Wake) and Home buttons together until the screen flashes and you hear the shutter sound. The screenshot image will appear in your Photos app under Camera Roll.

 PART 2:

Answer the Medical App Critical Appraisal questions thoughtfully and comprehensively. Subsequently, use the criteria headings on this outline as the headings on your properly APA- formatted paper.
o   NAME: What is the name of the app?
o   AUTHOR: Who created, developed, or maintains the app? Explain.
o   ENDORSEMENT: Is the app licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, other government agency, or endorsed by an academic institution or medical professional organization? Explain.
o   OPERATION: Which platform (mobile or web) is suitable for the app and why?

o   AESTHETICS: Is the information displayed in a way that is easy to navigate? Is it easy to use? Can you use it without instructions? Explain.
o   PURPOSE: What is the intended purpose or use of the app?
o   CLINICAL DECISION MAKING: What influence does the app have on clinical decision making? Explain.
o   SAFETY: Is there potential for patient harm? Explain.

o   PRIVACY/SECURITY: Does the app have privacy statement or setting? Also, is there a clear privacy policy stating information will be encrypted and not shared with third parties? Additionally, does the app share information on social networks? Lastly, are users notified in the event of a breach of privacy and health information? Explain.
o   USER: For whom is the app intended (providers, patients, or others)? Explain.
o   DISTRIBUTION: Is it designed for local use or wider distribution? Explain.
o   CREDIBILITY: How credible are the sources of information? How do you know? Explain.
o   RELEVANCE: How current is the information in the app? Also, when was the last update? Is the content consistent with evidence-based literature or best practices/standards of care? Explain.

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