Medicare and Medicaid

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 Nursing facilities are reimbursed for the services they provide primarily by the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It is very important that the nursing facilities be compliant with the rules and regulations set up by the federal government to remain licensed. This assures that the facility will be able to continue to receive the Medicare and Medicaid dollar. You must understand that the nursing facilities are the most regulated industry in the world, with nuclear energy coming in second. With this in mind you know why it is essential that the facility focus its efforts on meeting the federal and state requirements in order to be compliant when they do their on- site surveys, or correct the non-compliant areas in the approved time frame given by the surveyors. REQUEST: Write a 5 page paper, not including title and resources about your topic. Use correct APA formatting and be sure to have a wide variety of scholarly resources. Address how you as an administrator will need to manage your facility given the regulations of your chosen topic. Research your chosen law/regulation, explain its requirements, and devise a plan for how you will ensure that your facility meets those requirements.

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