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Let us talk all things Marketing… you will identify the Four Ps of marketing using a business plan from the internet. There are numerous business plan examples on the web, and on websites such as (Links to an external site.). Choose a business plans that would represent well the 4 Ps of marketing. Some plans have limited scope in describing the price of products/services. In such a case, benchmark (i.e., research similar businesses) and propose estimated prices.

In your response address the following:

1. What are the four elements of the marketing mix described in the document?

2. What is the value that the organization delivers to its customers?


This week, complete and submit the third Business Report of the Course Project: Marketing Management Processes (130 points).

Include the following:

1. Product or Service

2. Target Market

3. Place and Distribution

4. Price

5. Promotional Plan

6. Customer Service Plan

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