MI 220 Methods for Understanding User

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A persona is a profile of a fake person, based on data about real people. A persona describes typical users of your proposed system as though they were a real person. Write a user centered persona that is grounded in the data from the interviews, affinity notes, flow models, and affinity diagrams we produced in class.

Your persona must fit on a single sheet of paper, written in 12 point font. It should take up almost the whole page. It must include:

  • A realistic but fake name
  • A (small) photograph
  • A “background” that describes the persona and lets the reader understand the person
  • A list of 1-5 goals and motivations that are important; what are they trying to achieve?
  • A list of 1-5 challenges or pain points; when do they struggle, and why?
  • A list of 1-5 tasks that the person engages in that they use your product to help with
  • Personas need to be strongly grounded in the data from class. This means that you don’t completely make stuff up; instead, you try to make it as similar to the real people we interviewed as possible. Choose one interview participant from the debriefing interviews / affinity diagram, and use that participant as the basis of the persona. Also, use your finished affinity diagram to ensure that this person reflects real, important concerns. If your persona mentions most of your pink notes from your affinity diagram, then it probably captures most of the important insights from your data. You can also include quotes from real.

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