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A good paper will consist of a clear, well-structured critique of the positive and negative aspects of the study, with an overall appraisal (judgment). A good paper will use the terminology and concepts laid out in the framework and in the textbook where possible. A good paper will not only find the strengths and weaknesses of the study but will also reach some conclusion about how to weigh them. Remember, you’re not summarizing the study; instead you are looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the study itself, and making an overall judgment of its merits. Consider: Is it a valuable study? What are its flaws? Should we accept these results? Are the results important even if they’re flawed? Remember to consider the kind of study it’s supposed to be. For example, if the study is a case study, don’t judge it as if it were an experiment. Employ gender evaluation Has gender been considered as a variable in the theory/study? Is there a gender bias in the theory/study? Employ ethical evaluation Would the study be acceptable to modern ethical committees? Is there any justification for the infringement of ethical standards?

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