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Research Paper and Class Presentation (25% FOR THE PAPER & 15% FOR THE PRESENTATION) – paper due Dec. 3, Research topics will be assigned. DUE DATES for presentations will be assigned in class (tentatively scheduled – November 19, 21, 26, 28). The formal research paper will be due by December 3; Your paper will be 5000 words or less and organize the information you feel is most important about your assigned topic. Requirements – 5 academic peer-reviewed references to support your topic. Your Class Presentation (10 MINUTES OR LESS) will briefly present your research to the class. It should be organized in a way to help other students understand the importance of your assigned topic to the hospitality industry. Instructions: have a good look at your topic – Your goal in this research is to help your fellow students understand the application of your topic to the Beverage industry in Nova Scotia (or in some cases, more generally in Canada). Please be creative in the way you approach your assigned topic.

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