Modern Art

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Modern Art

There are three essay questions on the back of this sheet; select just TWO of them to answer. For the questions you select, write your answer in the form of a short essay. Be sure to address each of the things I asked about, and include all of the relevant facts. (You can address them in any order, as long as you deal with everything I’ve asked about.) Include as much detail as you can. All of the factual information you need to answer these questions is in the book, but you will also have to do a little thinking and analysis on your own. In some cases the information you need may be in two or more places in the book, or on two or more pages of a specific chapter. Some of the questions may also ask for you to state an opinion on a certain topic and then back it up with facts from the book. If you do choose to use other sources, you must include properly formatted citations (such as footnotes) and a full bibliography at the end of the answer, not just a list of URLs at the end of the paper. When you prepare your answers, present the facts you found in the book in your own words as much as possible. If you decide to quote any text directly from the book, indicate this with quotation marks and a page citation (the page number in parentheses is fine; footnotes aren’t necessary in this case). (Details in Attached PDF)

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