Module 05 Written Assignment – Case Study

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A 60-year-old male patient is admitted with chest pain to the telemetry unit where you work. While having a bowel movement on the bedside commode, the patient becomes short of breath and diaphoretic. The ECG waveform shows bradycardia.

  • What other assessment findings should you anticipate?
  • Why does this patient probably have bradycardia?
  • Does this dysrhythmia need treatment? Why or why not? What intervention would you implement first?
  • What is the drug treatment and dosage of choice for symptomatic bradycardia? How does this drug increase heart rate?

Please use complete sentences to answer the questions. Ensure that you are using correct grammar. In additions, support your answers by using your textbooks, scholarly journals, and credible Internet sources. All citations must be in APA format.

Rubric Detail

A rubric lists grading criteria that instructors use to evaluate student work. Your instructor linked a rubric to this item and made it available to you. Select Grid View or List View to change the rubric’s layout.


Name: Cardiac rhythm case study

Novice Competent
List possible assessment findings Points:0.5 (8.33333%)

Minimal assessments listed

Points:1 (16.66666%)

Lists assessments

Identify the possible reason for bradycardia

Points:0.5 (8.33333%)

Minimal identification of bradycardia

Points:1 (16.66666%)

Bradycardia causes identified

Prioritize interventions

Points:1 (16.66666%)

Minimal interventions identified; interventions may not be prioritized

Points:2 (33.33333%)

Interventions identified and listed in order of priority

Identify medication of choice for symptomatic bradycardia including mode of action

Points:0.5 (8.33333%)

Medication my not be identified; mode of action may not be identified

Points:1 (16.66666%)

Medication identified including mode of action

Complete sentences and correct grammar. Support answers with scholarly resources and credible internet sites. All citations/references in APA format

Points:0.5 (8.33333%)

Some criteria met for sentence/grammar. Answers may not be supported with scholarly sources. Challenges noted with APA citations

Points:1 (16.66666%)

All criteria met for sentence/grammar. Answers supported with scholarly sources and cited correctly

Name:Cardiac rhythm case study

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