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  Module 5 Crime Analysis, Terrorism, and Ethics Assignments Module 5 Discussion #2 – The Ethics of a Free Meal

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Module 5 Discussion #2 – The Ethics of a Free Meal

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In this discussion, you talk about the ethical nature of receiving “gifts” from the community as a law enforcement representative.


Review the following scenario and then address the question in your response:

Scenario: Assume you have just graduated from the Academy and you are assigned to a two-person patrol unit with a veteran police officer. The two of you take a lunch break at a local restaurant. When you ask for your check, the veteran asks, “Why are you doing that? The food is free to us. That is why we stopped at this place.”

  • What actions would you take and why?

See the Schedule and Course Rubrics pages in the Syllabus Module for due dates and grading information.

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