Molly, a company mediator, had agreed to help Martin and Samir

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A) Molly, a company mediator, had agreed to help Martin and Samir.

The two men had been in constant conflict ever since they became co-managers of the marketing department two months ago, and this conflict was starting to impact all parts of the department. To begin, Molly asked both men to take a conflict-style assessment. After receiving the assessments back from Samir and Martin, Molly began her analysis to determine the preferred conflict style of each.
Samir’s assessment showed that it was typical for him be willing to give up some of his own needs, as long as the other party was willing to do the same in order to find a workable solution. He was not one to be overly aggressive but could stand his ground when needed.

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According to the assessment, Samir’s preferred conflict style is __________.

-a.) avoiding
-b.) accommodating
-c.) competing
-d.) compromising

B) Which of the following scenarios best describes the accommodating style of conflict?

-a.) Rita agrees to go to the sushi restaurant with her boyfriend even though she doesn’t like raw fish.
-b.) Rita and her boyfriend never go out to a restaurant because they don’t want to argue over where they will go.
-c.) Rita and her boyfriend decide to cook together at home rather than go out to a restaurant.
-d.) Rita and her boyfriend have different opinions on which new restaurant to try, so they settle on one of their old favorites that they both like.C)Enrique and Devon got into a minor car accident. Devon exited his car and looked at the damage, which amounted to a foot-long scratch on his car and a very small ding on Enrique’s car.

Which of the following is a statement Devon might make if his preferred conflict style is avoiding?

-a.) “Well, the cars look okay. What do you say that we forget about this and not even bother with insurance information? That stuff is a hassle to deal with anyway.”
-b.) “The only fair way to do this is to call our insurance companies and let them work it out. That’s what insurance is for, right?”
-c.) “Since the accident was my fault, I will pay to have that ding fixed. Don’t worry about the scratch on my car— it has plenty of company!”
-d.) “Yikes, I know you can’t afford another accident claim on your insurance. How about you just give me $500 to repair the scratch and we won’t call our insurance companies?”

D) Which statement is most characteristic of the competing conflict style?

-a.) “I know you think we’re lost, but let’s keep going for five minutes, and then we can try it your way.”
-b.) “I know you think we’re lost, but the restaurant is definitely down this road. Turn left!”
-c.) “I know you think we’re lost. Why don’t we stop and ask someone for directions?”
-d.) “I know you think we’re lost, so whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

E) Which statement would most fit with the compromising conflict style?

-a.) “I think we can find a way to meet in the middle if we’re both willing to give a little.”
-b.) “I don’t have the time to deal with this. Can we talk about it later?”
-c.) “There is no way I am changing my mind. We’re doing it my way, or not at all.”
-d.) “It’s fine. My idea wasn’t that great anyway, so let’s do it your way.”

F) Which of the following scenarios best describes the collaborating style of conflict?

-a.) Hannah wants to watch a soccer game on television, while her roommate, Isla, wants to watch the news. The roommates end up watching the news, because Isla usually gets her way.
-b.) Neither Rahib nor Karima want to take the trash out. They argue over it until Karima throws her hands up and decides to just do it.
-c.) Ramona and her sister must decide what to do with their father’s things, now that he has moved into a nursing home. Ramona asks her sister if they can deal with it another day, and her sister agrees.
-d.) Lenore and Zachary both have a major deadline for work on Monday. Rather than argue over who will watch the kids all weekend, they agree to invite Zachary’s mother to come for the weekend to help.

G)Which of the following is true of culture’s impact on conflict styles?

-a.) Not everyone in the world shares the same assumptions and worldview, so conflict styles can vary by culture.
-b.) The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Styles Inventory is equally useful to people from different cultures.
-c.) Values and viewpoints toward the world are universal, so most people interpret conflict styles in the same way.
-d.) Conflict management is only possible when people have a shared culture.

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