NCAA Rules And Regulation (Due Today)

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This week’s assignment you will need to take the position of an intercollegiate athletics director and develop a minimum of three and a maximum of five rules/regulations that you will place in your student-athlete handbook and hold each athlete responsible.  For example, Sexual Assault, DUI/DWI, Cheating, Drug Use, Alcohol Use, Hazing, etc.  These are just examples.  This assignment will require to you carefully analyze your expectations of student athletes and craft a well thought out policy manual for the student-athletes.  You have to be willing to enforce the policies across the board.  This is not an assignment where you copy and paste another institutions policy and procedures manual.  I will submit the assignments to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism.  Review other institutions, but do not copy.  Papers deemed to be plagiarized will receive 0 points.  There should be an introduction, then the discussion on the policies, and then a conclusion.  You are writing this as if you are telling your staff the expectations of the student-athletes.  Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in current 6th edition APA format and style.  A minimum of three references are required. All writing must be in third person and opinions do not meet the expectation.  Please include the certificate of originality after the reference page.

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