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I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

question 1. (one longer paragraph or two shorter one) well developed. No vague. Use experience.

Do advertisers who feature skinny female models bear some responsibility for anorexia rates in Western countries, or does advertising simply reflect the cultural emphasis on female slimness? Explain.

question 2. (one longer paragraph or two shorter one) well developed. No vague. Use experience.

14-year-old Jacqueline shows up at your clinic for a yearly check-up. She weighs 95 pounds, her hair is thin and breaking, and her skin looks sallow. How would you help Jacqueline? Be specific and justify your recommendations.

question 4. (one longer paragraph or two shorter one) well developed. No vague. Use experience

My question comes from the article “Navigating Middle Grades: Role of social contexts in middle grade school climate”. This article discusses and looks at the decline in performance and social-emotional well-being that many students experience after transitioning from Elementary to Middle school. The results of this study show that it may not being the timing of the middle school transition or even the transition itself that leads to academic decline and well-being, but rather the environment to which they transition (Kim et. al., 2014).

This made me reflect on my transition from Elementary to Middle school and I am curious to know what you all think as well. Did you have an easy transition? If so, what about the school helped? (Were there new school programs? A different school routine? Were the teachers kind? etc.) Or, if you did have a harder time transitioning, what about the school environment made it hard? What would have helped?

q5- create a thouggtful question (see question 4!) it has to be similar as this one but diff topic.


Hoste, R. R., & Le Grange, D. (2013). Eating disorders in adolescence. In W. T. Donohue, L. T. Benuto, & L. Woodword Tolle (Eds.), Handbook of adolescent health psychology (pp. 495 – 506). New York, NY: Springer.

Cornell, K. H. (2013). Adolescent pregnancy and parenthood. In J. Sandoval (Ed.), Crisis counseling, intervention, and prevention in the schools(3rd ed., pp. 291 – 313). New York, NY: Routledge.

Kim, H. Y., Schwartz, K. Cappella, E., & Seidman, E. (2014). Navigating middle grades: Role of social contexts in middle grade school climate. American Journal of Community Psychology, 54, 28-45. doi: 10.1007/s10464-014-9659-x.

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