NJ transit research

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Conducting online research about the user experience of your website. Describe what has been done so far. List at least 3 of the 5 required sources that your group has found. Provide the author name, date, title, and URL of each source.

My topic is NJ transit, which is New Jersey train system.

It is better to use reliable article with user experience. How do people feel about using this NJ transit other than taxi or Uber. (for example, cheap and no traffic jam)

Hope there are some recent statistic graph charts (within 10 years).

  1. How many people use the NJ transit system?
  2. Over the last 10 years, how many increase of commuters?
  3. Average cost of Lyfts, Taxis or Ubers and how many of people use each of them? (which are other options)
  4. Energy efficiency of NJ transit then other transportation?
  5. NJ transit provides smart phone application (NJ Transit app). What new technology has added in that app and how does it make people comfortable using transit?

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