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2.1 Analyze complex and diverse religious (nonreligious) phenomena (architecture and art, music, ritual,
scriptures, theological systems, or other cultural expressions of religious/nonreligious belief).
For example, what have you learned about nonreligion in different eras of the American experience? What
have you learned about different nonreligious identifications and identities and how they factor into distinctly
American ways of being nonreligious?
2.2 Integrate and compare several different disciplinary approaches to a coherent set of religious phenomena.
For example, how has your reading of writers such as JZ Smith (“Religion, Religions, Religious”), Moore &
Kramnick (“Godless Citizens in a Godly Republic: Atheists in American Public Life”.), Drescher (cultural
studies), and Stedman ( “Faitheist: How An Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious”) come together
in your understanding of the development and impact of nonreligion in American society?

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