Nonverbal Communication Essay – : Solomon, D., & Theiss, J. (2013). Interpersonal communication: Putting theory into practice. New York, NY: Routledge.

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 Description A primary goal of the contents in Chapters 5-8 is to explain how messages work in interpersonal communication. Through your lectures and readings, you have learned that three main areas of knowledge: The (a) form (features, qualities, characteristics, channels) of verbal and nonverbal messages, the (b) function (meaning conveyed, expressed, and interpreted) of verbal and nonverbal messages, and (c ) how verbal and nonverbal messages combine to meet meaning-related goals in social interaction. Through this content, especially in Chapter 6, you will learn that nonverbal behavior may be unintentional by a message sender, but can still be interpreted by a message recipient. Many of the channels of nonverbal communication were developed before the popularity of cell phones. In this essay, you will use your observations in society to write a creative essay where you develop some new channels, classifications, and forms of nonverbal cell phone communication (and behavior). You can choose to focus on behaviors and messages conveyed through the cell phone itself as an object, or you can choose to identify behaviors and messages conveyed to others through interpersonal communication in apps and social media using the cell phone as a channel. Focus on interpersonal communication in this context! You will: 1A) Identify, label, and describe a new classification (channel) of nonverbal communication (or behavior) with cell phones (Chapter 6, pp. 157-158). 1B )Identify, label, and describe how this classification (channel) functions to convey meaning nonverbally, illustrating examples within the functions of nonverbal communication or introducing your own new function of nonverbal communication (Chapter 6,, pp. 162-167). 2) Identify, label, and describe a new classification of combined (or integrated) verbal and nonverbal communication – a way cell phones are used like accenting, complementing, substituting or contradicting (Chapter 6, pp. 172-173) My example #1: It seems cell phones can serve to nonverbally disclose something related to your identity (or form) is the physical appearance of the cell phone. The meaning conveyed relates to expression of the user’s identity, likes/dislikes, and self, but is possibly just a behavior which others interpret as having communicative value versus an intentional action. Include examples of how this works and compare/contrast this example with known channels. Physical appearance is a channel, but the way it is defined focuses on visible features of the body which dif ers from my observations about physical appearance of a cell phone (Solomon & Theiss, 2013). A similarity, however, is that just like with physical appearance, decorating a cell phone or changing out cases, wallets, popsockets, can change what someone knows about you from your appearance.

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