Nursing social stratification

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Please answer the following two questions(separately). Please cite TWO references each to a question. Please add link to references. Please answer question separately. Thank you. Social Stratification Question #1: The Chetty study, conducted by Harvard and UC Berkley researchers in 2013, found that Charlotte ranks poorly on factors that most correlate with economic mobility. Of the 50 largest US cities, Charlotte ranked dead last in the odds that our lowest income children and youth will be able to move up the economic ladder as they become adults. In the study, five factors were used to determine inter-generational mobility – segregation, income inequality, school quality, social capital, and family structure. Which factor do you think has the most influence on health status? Does health and health care influence economic mobility? Question #2: The Leading on Opportunity task force report (Links to an external site.) did not address access to and quality of healthcare stating that there is not sufficient evidence to support healthcare as a determinant of economic mobility. In the report, healthcare is discussed in relation to healthy pregnancy outcomes and mental health. After reading the Leading on Opportunity task force report, please write one strategy, one key recommendation, and one implementation tactic (see examples in the report) related to healthcare not already addressed in the report. Do you think health care should have been addressed in the report as a determinant? Please watch the you tube videos. Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility——–video on you tube View Video on social mobility: View video on America’s forgotten working class by JD. Vance (14 minutes) 

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