Obesity increases the risk factor of Arthritis

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Obesity increases the risk factor of Arthritis

CAUSE AND EFFECT PAPER The disturbing fact or situation that you choose should be health care related. You must use at least six current research sources in this paper, and those sources should be properly documented in your paper and on the references page. For the purpose of this paper, the thesis statement should be the last sentence of the opening paragraph. The paper should be 6-9 pages (not including the cover page and reference page,) and APA format is required. Rubric to be used for grading this paper. 1. Is this a cause and effect paper? 10% 2. Are the APA style parenthetical citations correct? Are most of the sources paraphrased? Is the source material properly signaled and explained? 35% 3. Is the APA style references page correct? 20% 4. Does the paper have a clearly identifiable opening, body and conclusion, and are paragraphs in the body cohesive? 20% 5. Is the paper free from sentence level and grammatical errors? 15%

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