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Forensic Psychology Review Paper Instructions A review paper is an explanatory paper. You need to inform the reader about the topic assuming little prior knowledge on the part of the reader. You need to summarize the main points of each article explaining why the issues or concepts are important and the potential implications of the research. You should also compare and contrast the issues raised in the articles. You are required to choose your own topic and to find all of the relevant research articles for your review. Please clear the topic with me before you put too much effort into your literature search to ensure that the topic coincides with the content of the course. You should restrict your literature review to peer-reviewed psychological journals when at all possible (web based databases are accessible through the library). There is no set number of articles to review, as the amount and quality of the available research will vary by topic. For the purposes of this assignment, chose approximately 7 current (2008 or later) peer-reviewed, data based, journal articles to review. If there are many articles addressing your topic, pick the most relevant to include in your proposal. Papers should be around 8-12 pages in total length including a title page and reference page (no abstract required). The paper should follow APA format including title page, headers, page numbering, citations, references, and general writing requirements. Use past tense, double spacing, 12 pt. font (Times New Roman), a spell/grammar check, and have someone proofread the paper. Avoid overusing quotations! I will take marks off if there are more than two brief quotations in a paper.

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