Operating Early Childhood Programs Module 4 Project Week 8

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  Module 4 Project Course Project: Letter to Families In Chapter 13 of your course text, the authors discuss the importance of partnerships between child development centers and the families of the children they serve. By keeping parents informed and encouraging involvement, directors create the best possible environment for children in the center. In this assignment, you will apply your knowledge of best practices for family communication and building partnerships by writing a 2-page welcome letter to the family of a new child at your center. This letter should include the following: A brief overview of the center’s mission/vision and educational philosophy Specific details regarding family partnerships and opportunities for involvement at the center. You should include information on at least three specific partnership topics, including what they entail, how they are carried out, and what their purpose is. Possibilities include the following: Home visits and/or center visits Conferences Newsletters, e-mails, web pages Documentation and display Family resource center Home activities Conflict resolution approach Submit your 2-page letter as a Word document. Due by Day 7 of Week 8.

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