Operating Early Childhood Programs Week 1 Project

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  Module 1 Project Course Project: Spatial Organization Note: Review the information in the Project Overview area located on the left navigation bar prior to completing this assignment. In Chapter 4 of your course text, the authors discuss the factors that directors must take into account when designing and maintaining their child development center facilities. In this assignment, you will assume the role of a director and apply these principles toward the design of the learning space at the child development center you manage. To begin this assignment, write 1 paragraph in which you briefly identify and describe the type, mission/vision, location of, and population served by the child development center that you have selected. Then, you may choose one of the following two options to complete the remainder of this assignment. Option 1: Narrative Description In a 2-page paper, describe how you would organize the layout for a classroom in your child development center. Specify for what ages the classroom would be, what areas it would include, and how you would arrange these areas to meet the movement, comfort, competence, and control needs of the children. Finally, include how you would organize this space to also meet the special needs of children. Length: 2 pages Option 2: Floor Plan Draw a floor plan for your child development center, in which you lay out the location of all major areas, displays, and furniture in the room. You may refer to Figure 9.1 and Figure 9.2 in Chapter 9 for examples. Write a 1-paragraph rationale explaining your choices. Submit your floor plan as a PDF (you may scan a hand-drawn sketch if desired) or Word document. Submit your rationale as a Word document. Due by Day 7 of Week 2. Note: If you chose Option 1, submit your paper to the Project Part 1 Turnitin – Module 1submission link. However, if you chose Option 2, submit your rationale to the Project Part 1 Turnitin – Module 1 submission link and submit your floor plan to the Project Part 2 – Module 1 submission link. 

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