Operations Management – Case Study – Clear Eyes Cataracts Clinic

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Operations Management – Case Study – Clear Eyes Cataracts Clinic 

Read the ClearEyes case and provide a written analysis that includes answers to the following questions. Your paper should be typed, in paragraph form, 12 point font, double-spaced. You should provide a thorough analysis that includes answers to the above questions. Your paper should be a minimum of 3-5 typed pages. 1) Use the process flow diagram exhibit to calculate capacity utilization for each category of staff, and for intake, surgical, and examination rooms. What is the clinic’s capacity per year? 2) By what percentage would patient volume and capacity utilization change if ClearEyes cut in half of the patients who complete intake but fail to show up for surgery? If the clinic could increase customer yield as described above, would it need to add any staff or room capacity? If so, how much? 3) How much would pretax profit change if this increase in yield were accomplished? 4) What actions could ClearEyes take to increase yield? Be careful to recommend actions, rather than results of actions such as “reduce ptient anxiety about the operation”. 5) What course of action would you recommend to Connors?

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