Oregon state university Natural Wonders

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Oregon state university Natural Wonders

Digital Post #6 – OSU Natural Wonders Find evidence of nature and/or science on campus (can include Corvallis, Bend or Hatfield); examples include: moss, lichens, minerals, specimen displays, science seminars, events. If you are ready to submit your digital post information, click the “Submit Assignment” box (upper right). Weekly Post Criteria (also provided at the course website (Links to an external site.)): 1. These are your science experiences and perspectives. Media needs to be original content: original writing, photography, video, audio, assemblage, and/or illustration. Media cannot be a re-posting, paraphrasing, or other use of another individual’s work to receive credit. 2. Media can be an original website posting, screenshot of your personal work, or digital file. Possible websites for posting media include: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, PinInterest, Imgur, Tumblr, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Google+, YouTube, Adobe Spark. Make sure we have access to see your posting. If this is a private account, upload a screen shot to Canvas. 3. Try to provide an accurate representation of science but also add your unique perspective of what you think, feel, or have done/made related to the science content. Add a comment explaining photos or movies that do not have captions. A deduction is taken if no information explains the image or video. 4. The post information needs to be uploaded to Canvas in the time indicated in the schedule outlined above. Complete the upload and survey prior to the final date/time deadline in case Canvas or your computer access becomes unavailable. Posts need to be submitted by due date and time to receive credit. No late posts are accepted, exceptions are not made in response to email requests. 5. To receive credit, media needs to be appropriate for a multi-generational web environment. These posts may be publicly displayed, especially to the rest of the Gen Bio class so they can see the quality of media produced. 6. Minimize disruptive impact to other students, the community, organisms, and the environment. 7. Exercise safety on your science adventures

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