Organization Analysis Final Project

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Organization Analysis Final Project

Sociology 302

The purpose of this final project is to provide you with an opportunity to apply your growing knowledge of organizational sociology to an organization that interests you. Generally, you will be addressing each of the following areas:

  • Research and analyze one organization and attempt to understand the challenges the organization faces, the formal and information internal structure of the organization, the external organization environment, the groups served by the organization, the demographics and characteristics of the membership, and other course-related aspects of the organization.
  • A detailed explanation of the characteristics, structure, and history of the organization.
  • Problems of the organization such as diversity, technology, management-labor (or leader-follower) conflict, restructuring, etc. You should determine which of the problems are the most pressing and evaluate how successful the organization is at dealing with these problems.
  • Speculate about the organization’s future direction, challenges, and prospects for survival.

Your grade will be based on how well you address each of the 4 areas above, the completion of your research component (Appendix A,

), and technical aspects of the paper. The paper will follow either the Chicago or APA style guide. It should be at least 7 pages and no more than 9 pages in length. This DOES NOT include the title page, table of contents, interview questions, or references. Your paper should include the following components: cover page, table of contents, content areas as described below, references, and any applicable appendices such as your interview questions or extra information detailed in the body of the paper.

The body of the paper should include the following sections:

Introduction – You provide a detailed explanation of the characteristics and history of the organization.

Diagnostic Approach – Explain the diagnostic approach you will you and why it was chosen (p. 5-10, Harrison)

System Components – Outline the main aspects of system dynamics (p. 34-35, Harrison). This information should come from your interview.

Effectiveness – Based on your interview, determine how effective the organization is in achieving their goals and objectives (p. 53, exercise 2, Harrison)

Internal and external conflict – determine what are the main internal and external conflicts facing the organization and decide how well prepared they are to meet those challenges. (p. 75, exercise 2, Harrison, and Chapter 5, Harrison)

Conclusion – speculate about the future direction and prospects for survival.


Appendix – A copy of your interview questions, the name, title and contact information for the person interviewed, and any organizational material used in the preparation of the paper.

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