Organization Asset Analysis for an internship and research topic

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The Organizational Asset Analysis is an opportunity to consider your internship site’s strengths and challenges and produce a 500 word summary of your findings. Please use subheadings to guide the reader through your summary.

Food Pantry Liaison Internship – primary responsibility is to be the point person between the UW Farm and the UW Food Pantry. Participate in harvests each week and prepare, catalog, calculate the market or “street value,” and record the volume of produce donated to the pantry for food insecure individuals on the UW Campus. You will learn how to record food data, how to harvest, wash and pack produce according to organic and food safety regulations, and learn much food is donated to the food insecure community and its impact.

The research topic I’m working on is:How to make UW Farm has more communication and interaction with students? How to make more students know about or involve in UW Farm? (very specific about the student farm at University of Washington)

What I was planing to do on this research is that I would check the events and activities at UW farm to see student involvement and how farm did the advertisement. And I would like to talk with farm manager to find out their ways of communicate with students on social media or other ways. I would also check relative researches, news and scholarly articles to see how other people or other universities increase their interaction and communication between students and a student farm.

Here is more information about the internship and informational interview I had with the manger of the farm.

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