Organizational Structure

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For this discussion, please refer to the story in Part I, The Depletion of Value, in the Burghart text (p.1-61).

Begin considering the different ways leadership can be conceived of and to utilize the competing values framework to conduct an analysis of the child welfare organization presented in this story by answering the following questions.

  1. Referring to the organization presented in Part 1: The Depletion of Value what are some of the key elements that define the organizational culture? What role does the leadership team have in creating that culture?
  2. This organization is facing external and internal challenges that require change and adaptation for sustainability. Using the CVF provide your critical analysis of how the leadership is approaching these challenges and why this approach(es) is effective or ineffective. How do you define effective?
  3. Referring to the CVF, in which quadrants does this organization demonstrate strength and where is it most challenged.
  4. Have you had experience working for a program or organization that operated in a similar way? If so, share what that experience was like and how it contributed to your ability to perform your job responsibilities. If you haven’t had an experience similar to this, what about this organizational culture and leadership would feel supportive to your work?

300 Words APA format


Burghardt, S., & Tolliver, W. (2009). Transformative leadership in the human services (pp. 1-61). Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications.

Cameron, K., Cameron, K., Quinn, R., DeGraff, J., & Thakor, A. (2014). Competing values leadership (2nd ed., pp. 30-39). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

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